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Business/Corporate Law

Business/Corporate Law

The Flaig Law Firm represents the interests of business owners from sole proprietors to large corporations. We offer clients in-house counsel type services without in-house counsel prices. We possess a varied background with experience addressing large and small clients’ legal needs while offering a variety of resources to help our clients develop and carry out their unique business goals. Whether you already have a business or are about to incorporate, we are committed to building on your goals and providing personalized legal advice on a regular basis.

Some of the services at The Flaig Law Firm include:

Incorporating a Business

Choosing to incorporate a business helps secure the company’s future as it allows a business owner to protect their personal equity from actions that might involve their business. Incorporating a business also gives the business owner the respectability of an incorporated company, which in turn will make others more likely to want to work and grow with them.

Day-to-Day Operations

Day to day business operations are essential activities that a business and its employees engage in regularly to keep the company running smoothly. Having legal counsel for the day to day operations of a business allows the business owner to set policies and procedures in place to run smoothly, work efficiently, address various legal issues and confidently make decisions with an understanding of the implications.

Corporate Maintenance

Corporate maintenance is the annual work necessary to safeguard the corporate veil of a business. Maintenance includes the drafting of a business’ annual minutes, annual meetings, as well as preparing and filing necessary documents to keep the corporation in good standing. The Flaig Law Firm will also act as your Agent for Service of Process.  At The Flaig Law Firm we are interested in the success of each business at all levels.

Risk Management

Risk management includes identifying risks, assessing risks, and developing strategies to manage risks in a business. Types of risk vary from business to business, but constructing risk management plans should detail the strategies for dealing with risks specific to one’s business. Risk management is crucial for providing a safe workplace and reducing the likelihood of negative impacts on a business.

Contract Drafting and Review

Contracts are entered into every day in the business world, and it is important that the terms of these contracts are adequately negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to prevent misunderstanding between parties and guarantee all intentions are met.


Negotiating is a common and vital aspect of owning and running a business. Whether it is transactional, contractual or person to person, The Flaig Law Firm is here to help with all negotiating needs to help ensure the success of the business.

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5707 Corsa Avenue Suite 104Westlake Village, CA 91362
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